Homestays in Parvati Valley


Tosh village is in Himachal Pradesh state of India. It is located at about 2,400 metres in elevation on a mountain slope on the right bank of the Parvati River. Tosh Kasol trek is the go-to expedition for all adrenaline junkies with its gradual terrain and the waters of river Parvati flowing through its bosom. The hippie culture and otherworldly vibe of this village will surely transport you to another world.


Tosh has scattered villages across the lush green hills juxtaposed against snow-dusted peaks. This destination is often thronged by visitors from other countries, and you can interact with them and experience their cuisine at local eateries as well.


Tosh is most famous for the trek route here, Kheerganga being the most popular. People throng here to practice yoga and meditation in the clean, fresh air and peaceful surroundings. It is popular among backpackers who are looking for an escape from the humdrum of their chaotic life.