What to pack for your next trip to Himachal

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Encompassing lofty snow peaks, deep ravines, rich green valleys, swift rivers, delightfully charming mountain lakes, flower bedded meadows, centuries old temples and monasteries, Himachal Pradesh is a traveler’s paradise. May it be for relaxing, sightseeing, or for some hillside adventures like trekking, mountaineering, paragliding, or more, the state has something for everyone! Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or alone, we have compiled these Tips on What to pack when in Himachal so that you can make your journey smooth along the way.

Pack that sweater!

No matter if it's summer time when you visit Himachal, DO NOT take your sweaters for granted! The rugged terrain and varying altitude leads to drastic temperature change in this region. There may be sudden change in temperatures due to rainfall in upper altitudes due to which the temperature here drops. And trust me that sweater will save you when it's time :’)

Super heavy jackets

If you are always cold, like I am.. Please carry a super heavy fleece winter jacket. You could also pick a coat if that's your style! If you don't have a jacket already invest in one which will come handy for rains and snow. These are going to be your life savers

Ensure you bring a couple of light T-shirts

Summers in the Himachal mountains can be hotter than we imagine, but it definitely isn’t what you experience in Mumbai or Delhi, so pack a few light Tees but make sure they are also thicker than usual.. just to be on the safe side!

Do not forget your Scarves and shawls!

Jackets are great but scarves and shawls are cozy! Those days when you don't feel like wearing that heavy jacket and just want to stroll wrapped in a shawl sipping some hot chocolate! Felt it? Don't sweat yourself if you are already in Himachal without one. You could easily buy a shawl from any local artisan or on Chelru.

Best friends=Woolen socks and gloves

Woolen socks and gloves are your best friends for those chilly nights! Cold feet is something everyone dreads and with chilly nights here, be certain your feet will be sooo cold!vSo throw a couple of pairs in there without fail ;)

Good footwear!

Footwear is integral when it comes to packing for the mountains. Considering the terrain you will be on your feet for most part of your trip, trekking and hiking. Hence, Buy a pair of rubber soled shoes or high boots if you already don't have one.

P.S: Pack a pair of in room slippers for your homestay accommodation.


If you plan on staying at an offbeat location, please carry your Bathroom essentials, sunscreen lotion, moisturizers, toilet seat sanitizers, toilet rolls etc. Sunscreen lotion with SPF is a must have for men and women unless you want to go trekking and bring back sun burns and uneven tan lines as souvenirs. Toilet seat sanitizers come in handy for women when using public or shared loos. You definitely don't want to fight UTIs on your vacation!

Safety First- So carry your first aid kit

I ain't asking you to go prepared as a medical expert on your trip, but it's always good to be prepared. Carry your prescribed medicine, basic emergency anti allergy meds, some topical pain relievers, band aids. These may come in handy to you or any fellow traveler while you are out camping in the woods <3

Most Important of all

Pack all of these in a rucksack! PLEASE! Nothing more stupid and tedious than bringing a stroller to the mountains. I have done it once. So pity your stroller and get a rucksack.

See you soon!


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