Why choose a Homestay?

  1. A homestay is simply a part of someone's home converted into a stay. It is less intimidating than a large impersonal hotel. You feel so much comfortable in a homestay. 

  2. No one knows a place better than a local one. He can expose you to local sights, streets, and foods which probably you won't get in a travel guide. Online research is good but it can never beat local information. 

  3. India has a rich cuisine. Every few miles the food gives a new aroma and flavor. Staying with locals gives you a chance to try something new. Most of the time, you have access to the kitchen and you can learn their secret recipes from the host.

  4. Staying in a Home Stays gives you a chance to meet people from different cultures and habits. It becomes more enjoyable as it is like a social gathering with only a few people to interact with. It makes your vacation great fun and gives you some good friends probably forever. 

  5. When you choose to stay in homestays, you get a better chance to mix with the local people and know more about their cultures and traditions.